We know it is not every day you that you get to try on wedding dresses, and the process can be quite daunting for a new bride to be! But rest assured, we have put a few tips together on how to make the most out of your wedding dress fitting and finding your dream dress without the stress.


  1. Decide who is joining you on this sacred expedition

Choosing your wedding dress can be incredibly overwhelming when you bring too many people along to your fitting. We have seen one too many times how a bride gets completely flustered with all the opinions in the room. You are the reason that we are all there at your fitting, but when there are too many people at the fitting your bridal consultant cannot focus on you, the bride. Choose the one person whose opinion matters to you and ask that person to join you with your wedding dress shopping.


  1. Determine your budget before you go wedding dress shopping

This is a big one. It is important to know what price point you feel comfortable with when wedding dress shopping. Your consultant will ask you your budget before the fitting starts. This enables the consultant to choose wedding dresses in the price point you feel comfortable with. When you come to your fitting knowing what you would be willing to spend on your once in a lifetime wedding dress, it makes it much easier for you and the consultant to find that dress.

  1. Don’t shop too much on one day

Choose 2 or 3 wedding boutiques where you would like to try on wedding dresses, and then book your fittings one per day. This is just a friendly tip as we have seen many brides that go to 3 or 4 wedding boutiques in one day and can not remember any dresses the next day. You will be tired, overwhelmed and totally disoriented after such a day. And then you will feel like you didn’t find anything, but you probably just forgot how many amazing dresses you tried on.


  1. Remember that the wedding dress final product will look different than the sample you tried on

During our bridal consultations we allow brides to take pictures of the wedding dresses they tried on so they can go back home and scroll through the photos again. Just keep in mind that the sample probably does not fit you perfectly, and may look not look perfect on the photos. The sample wedding dresses are only there for you to see how the dress looks but your wedding dress order will be a brand new dress which is the same as the sample, but according to your measurements. Your wedding dress will also be altered if necessary to ensure the perfect fit.


  1. Don’t focus too much on Pinterest

We know its endless fun but seeing a perfectly styled wedding dress that is photoshopped and costs R200,000 on Pinterest and deciding that it is The One is not going to help you find your wedding dress. Probably 99% of brides that come to try on wedding dresses end up buying a dress that is the opposite of what they thought they would go with. Be open minded, try on different styles, colours and silhouettes, and let the bridal consultant choose dresses for you. She will choose different styles that are in your budget which you may never have considered. We always say, a wedding dress on a hanger (or picture) is very different to a wedding dress on a body.


  1. Don’t stress

Have fun at your fitting, and don’t stress! Remember that the people at wedding boutiques do this every single day and knows which dresses will work for you. We can’t wait to meet you and help you find your dream wedding dress.


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See you soon!

Photos by Anna Pepper Photography

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