Zanné-Marie is the creative force behind the Zanné Couture wedding dress brand which is available exclusively at The Wedding Collective. We had a chat with her to find out more about her vision and her wedding dresses.

Where are you situated?
I am situated in in Franschhoek in Cape Town. I moved here a few years ago from Gauteng and
love living in this beautiful place!

Where did your love for wedding dresses start?
I have always loved weddings as a whole, its just so magical seeing the bride in her dream dress
as well as all the other elements like the flowers ect. Wedding dresses gives me the opportunity to fully live out my creativity because of all the fine work and detail. My dresses are all very intricate and that is what I love.


How long have you been a wedding dress designer and where did you learn your craft?
I started making wedding dresses in 2015 and my first collection released in 2017. I studied
fashion design at Sperro Villioti Elite Design Academy in Hyde Park.

What are the main factors you consider when developing a wedding dress collection?
This is such a difficult process as there are so many factors to consider. My style, what the market
demands, the trends for the season as well as the price points where you want the dresses to fall
influence the style.

How long does it take to make a Zanne Couture wedding dress?
It all depends on the style of the dress and how busy we are at that stage, but it is safer to not
leave it for too long. I recommend 4-6 months at least before your wedding.

How would you describe your wedding dress style?
I am a romantic and feminine designer. I love lace and detail. All my dresses have hand-stitched
details to create a truly unique piece. Fabrics such as tulle and satin add to the softness of the

What makes your wedding dresses unique?
I think the fact that all my laces are imported and then to further make the dresses special each
dress have a few different laces that are combined and hand-stitched to the garment to create a
unique design. We also only design a few dresses in a collection and in each design only a limited
amount are available. This way we keep it exclusive for our brides.



Do you have any tips for brides when they are trying on wedding dresses?
I think its important to keep an open mind when trying on dresses as it rarely that a bride actually
end up with the dress she first had in mind. I think its a process where a few styles should be tried
on and the bride should be free to choose the dress that she feels the most beautiful in. On that
point, in my opinion a bride should ideally not bring too many people with on the day of trying on
dresses as too many opinions are not always a good thing and I have seen countless times how
this then confuses and stresses out the bride more than helps her.

What are your favourite wedding dress trends for 2019?
Sleeves are very in for the season, and I love this trend. Sleeves have a lot of volume and its so
soft and romantic and can even be made to detach.
Capes are still big and I am a big fan of this trend. It just adds that final touch to your dress and can
be removed later in the day.
A lot of different colours are also seen on the runway and I love playing with colour with my
dresses so this also for me is a must!


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