Our newest addition to our curated collection of South African wedding dress brands comes from within. Wishbone & Ivory has been a lifelong dream of our owner, Marié and this year it has finally come to fruition. We had a chat with her to find out more about this stunning new bridal brand.


Where are you situated?
The Wishbone & Ivory design studio is based at the same premises as The Wedding Collective in Menlo Park Pretoria. The Wedding Collective serves as a showroom where the different designers’ dresses are showcased and where private bridal consultations are conducted with brides and our Wishbone & Ivory studio is where we physically make the Wishbone & Ivory wedding dresses.

Where did your love for wedding dresses start?
I have been obsessed with fashion and dresses from the moment I can remember. I used to cut up my Barbies clothes and create new items for them to wear as soon as my mother wasn’t looking. I grew up with a grannie who made all her clothes herself, and I can fondly remember spending holidays with her where we just made clothes the whole time. My favourite hobby was watching Fashion TV as a child and drawing all the styles I saw on TV.



How long have you been a wedding dress designer and where did you learn your craft?
I have been in the wedding industry for almost 7 years now but Wishbone & Ivory is my 1st collection. I have been dreaming about it since starting The Wedding Collective, but I waited to get all my ducks in a row before starting my own wedding dress brand. I studied B.ConsumerScience. ClothingManagement at the University of Pretoria. Tuks of Niks!

What are the main factors you consider when developing a wedding dress collection?
Working with brides directly every day I hear what their wants and needs are when searching for a wedding dress. To me this is the most important factor – what does the bride want, how does she want to look and feel on the most important day of her life. To me comfort is incredibly important as you can spot an uncomfortable bride from a mile away, thus our dresses are all made with the softest fabrics we can find with silhouettes that allow movement.



How long does it take to make a Wishbone & Ivory wedding dress?
It all depends on the amount of detail that goes into the dress and our production schedule. We suggest ordering your Wishbone & Ivory wedding dress at least 6 months before your wedding but we can help brides with shorter lead times too.

How would you describe your wedding dress style?
I am a bit of a sucker for minimalistic bridal styles, but don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love some drama on a dress. For me it is all about the bride, is she bold, is she shy, what does she want to say with her dress. Then this is emulated in the type of dresses I show the bride and suggestions I make with the styling of the dress. Our dresses can be customized a lot, thus we get to play around a lot with different ideas and show the bride options she probably never even considered.



What makes your wedding dresses unique?
I would say their customizability. All the styles can be customized to the wants and needs of each individual bride. I make suggestions during the bridal consultation with regards to fit, construction, fabric, colouring, there are so many factors in play and it is really important to find someone that knows what they are doing and actually cares how you look when you are fitting wedding dresses.

Do you have any tips for brides when they are trying on wedding dresses?

Oh dear I have so many tips but it seems sometimes that brides only start listening to our professional advice after they have spent thousands of Rands on fittings and botched dresses. My top two tips – Only take one person to your wedding dress fitting (preferably someone who understands your style and likes the same things you do – so many brides end up with a dress they didn’t love because the entourage chose the dress in the end). And secondly, DO NOT LET A DRESSMAKER MAKE YOUR DRESS – We get weekly emails from distressed brides whose dresses did not come out how they envisioned because a dressmaker said she would copy a design from a pic for her. These brides end up buying a dress a week before their weddings and paying double what they budgeted for in the beginning.


What are your favourite wedding dress trends for 2019?
Really feeling the plain minimalistic styles at the moment, it gives such an elegant feel to the bride and makes such a statement. I also love the bell sleeve styles, how it can instantly change the look of a wedding dress. We did a silk satin wrap top with bell sleeves in the collection which can be worn with almost any of the dresses in the collection. It is such a vibe. I am seeing massive 90’s shoulders all over the international scene, it will be very interesting to see if that trend comes back!

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