• How did you meet your husband and how did you get engaged?

This is going to sound real cheesy but we met in a bar (Beer House) I was going through a ruff patch and my friend (his cousin) told me I need to go out. After about 3 hours of refusing because I just wanted to eat ice cream-cry-chill in my pjays-and watch some sort of romcom movie he phoned again. So I decided to go. When I got there my friend introduced me to everyone and before Bernato (my now husband WOW!) could tell me his name he asked me if I was okay. I think I was in that bar for 20min. But after that night everything changed. We became friends.

  • Where did you get married and why did you choose that venue and time of year for your wedding?

We got engaged in Dullstroom 31 March 2019. It was perfect. It was just the two of us next to a waterfall between high trees. I could feel God’s presence.

  • What was the vibe of your wedding?

The vibe was US !

  • How did you hear about The Wedding Collective?

I came across The Wedding Collective through social media. Instagram for the win.

  • What made you choose your wedding dress?

The way it made me feel. When I was little I loved it when I would wear a dress that would twirl if I moved in circles. It always made me happy when the dress would do that but, At first I was like…no this dress…I don’t like it…but then Marie was like..trust me…try it on. And when I did a rush of memories came back and I felt so beautiful. It was the first dress I tried on.

  • How was your wedding dress experience from fittings to the final product?

The experience I had was Amazeballs!! Flip I wish I could be there everyday. Professional, loving, hardworking and kind people. Went the extra mile for me when the stress got too much.

  • Do you have any advice or tips for new brides-to-be looking for their perfect wedding dress?

Don’t go with expectations rather step out of your comfort zone. It’s definitely worth it. Also only take one person with you. Ain’t nobody got time for lots of opinions.

  • Who was your wedding photographer?

Nina is the bestest! Nina Buys Photography

  • Any other vendors you would like to recommend to new brides-to-be?

Tanya Morgans – she did my flowers and decor,

Unmissable Makeup by Michelle

The Greenhouse Café

  • What was your most memorable part of your wedding day?

Seeing my best friend standing and waiting for me at the aisle with my dad and my grandad next to me.

  • Do you have any advice regarding the overall planning of a wedding?

Don’t rush, take everything in and EAT your wedding food!



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